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What happened to Brendan Fraser?



Brenda Fraser was one of the favorite parts of my childhood. He starred in awesome movies such as George of the Jungle and the Mummy series. He also made some solid action movies during the 90s. However, his star has dwindled down in the past few years.




Brendan Fraser got married to Afton Smith in 1998 and  the couple separated in 2007. The reason for their separation is not known but it is rumored that Afton wanted a divorce. Brendan Fraser agreed to pay 900,000$ per year to Afton as alimony payments. Besides the alimony, he was also supposed to pay 300,000$ per year for child support. However, his career was already near the end at that time. While he still had a lot of movies at that time, he was nowhere near the star he was in the 90s. Besides that, he also suffered a serious back injury at that time which reduced the film offers even further.

Some time after his divorce, Brendan found it difficult to come up with the alimony payments. He realized that the alimony payments were too much for what he was earning at the time. Brendan went to court in 2013 to have his alimony payments reduced. He claimed to be poor in court to have his alimony reduced. When Afton heard the news, she said that Brendan is lying and he is hiding his money. Afton also said that the alimony could be reduced only when he earns less than 3 million dollars per year.


Killed his own comeback


After several years of disappointing movies, Brendan Fraser starred in “Journey to the Center of the earth” which made a whooping 242 million dollars worldwide! When the studio asked Brendan Fraser to sign up for the sequel he declined. He wanted to wait for the first installment’s director because he was tied up with other movies. The studio didn’t wait for him and replaced him with Dwayne Johnson. The sequel did quite well and several sequels have been planned for the Journey series.



Sad interview

A few months ago, a Brendan Fraser interview was released with “Build”.  Several fans noted that Brendan Fraser looked quite sad in the interview. The interview resulted in even more online support for Brendan Fraser.


Fan Support

Reddit fans are showing a lot of support to Brendan Fraser. Reddit has two communities dedicated to Brendan Fraser, namely “the_brendan” and “savebrendan”. Both of these communities are focused on trying to save Brendan Fraser’s career. There is also a change.org petition to support Brendan Fraser and help him get more movie and tv series roles. The result of this fan support is that Brendan Fraser re-entered the top 500 stars on imdb. This was the first time in a decade that he entered the top 500 stars on imdb.

There is some reason to believe that he may make a good comeback. You may call it my personal bias but I think Brendan has a great chance of becoming a big star again. Brendan has two new movies lined up for 2017 and who knows what can happen with all the fan support behind him!


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