The simple showering tip that EVERYONE should use in the morning to get more energy than a coffee.

If you are like me then you struggle to wake up in the morning. You need a large cup of coffee to drag yourself out to work. If that is the case then a simple showering tip would work wonders for you.

According to the experts at CareerGirlDaily , we could be getting more benefits out of our daily shower routine. Most of us use warm water to shower in the morning because it is quite comfortable. But according to experts, showering with warm water actually sends you to sleep.


The tip states that you should have a 30 second cold shower, followed by a hot shower for 30 seconds and then again cold shower for 30 seconds. Doing so, opens the capillaries and boosts blood circulation in the body.

Using this tip also boosts your immune system, helps you produce more white blood cells, improves your mood, makes your hair better and even helps burning fact effectively.
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