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A Kiwi woman got arrested in Kazakhstan because they didn’t believe New Zealand is a country.

Chloe Phillips-Harris has traveled many times to Asia. She recently traveled to Kazakhstan to work on farms. Chloe was told by the Kazakh embassy that she would be able to get visa on arrival due to her Kiwi nationality. When Chloe arrived at the Kazakhstan airport, the authorities did not believe that New Zealand is a country. According to her, they told her that “New Zealand is a state of Australia”.

“I landed in Kazakhstan on the last flight of the night, and I got to an immigration booth and they asked me for an Australian passport, and told me I couldn’t come in without an Australian passport.

“They said New Zealand’s clearly a part of Australia.”

Bared from entering the country, she was told to take the next flight to China.

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Source: New Zealand Herald

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