This is the best phone for Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go is an awesome game with lots of amazing features. However, the game requires a certain type of phone to enjoy it to the fullest. There are some phones where the screen is not clearly visible in sunlight. Some phones have poor gps and cannot get accurate location. Some phones are terrible at multitasking and there are phones  The ideal phone must have highly accurate GPS, internet connectivity, a camera and gyroscope and an excellent battery life. Keeping these requirements in mind, here are the best phones to play Pokemon Go.



1. Moto Z Play



There is a reason that Moto Z play is our number one pick for this list. The reason is its very long and incredible battery life. The phone kills every other phone with its battery. At 3510mAh, this phone has one of the best batteries in the world. You can play Pokemon Go for hours without a noticeable drop in battery. Some users have gone 8 hours playing Pokemon Go and still had some battery left! And what would happen when you run out of charging ? You can use the turbo boost charger to get up to 9 hours of charging in the first 15 minutes. If these features were not enough, the Moto Z Play also has a beautiful 5.5 inch screen, is lightweight so you can carry it easily and has  a 16Mp camera

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2. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 Edge


The Samsung Galaxy S8 needs no introduction. It is one of the best phones in the market with a large screen. The phone is waterproof which means you don’t need to worry about rain when you are playing Pokemon Go. If you drop your phone in water while playing, you will have no problems. Battery life is also very good at 3000mAh and it charges quite fast. The phone has a beautiful 5.8 inch screen with a 2960×1440  pixels display, which means that you can enjoy the game in a super crisp resolution. The touch screen is good enough to handle dirt without causing you any problems. The Galaxy S8 also has one of the world’s fastest processor , most powerful processors which means you will not have any lag while playing the game. Besides the features required for Pokemon Go, the Galaxy S8 has other awesome features like wireless charging and VR that are worth the price alone.

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If you can’t afford the Gaalxy S8, the S7 edge has similar specs and also runs Pokemon Go nicely.


3. LG G5



The LG G5 is the cheapest phone on our list but it is still a very good phone for Pokemon Go. The phone is comfortable to hold in your hands and has a very good camera. It has a really nice display that plays Pokemon Go quite well. The phone’s battery runs out fast but it has a replaceable battery, which means you can carry several spare batteries with you and replace the battery when you run out of charging. Which means you can keep running Pokemon Go for as long as you want 😉

If that was not enough, this phone is the cheapest phone on our list. Click on the amazon link below to buy it now!

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